Mani Madness




Mani Madness


Contributing Writer – Nia Dillard

After you say “yes” and leading up to the “I do” you’ll be blushing and in total bliss, but do not forget that you’re not the only one that will be getting some major attention. Your new friend, you know, the one that your ring finger now proudly carries will be the talk of the town, everyone will want to see how precious your new stone is. So, believe me when I say your mani madness starts now! Choosing the right color for your up and coming manicures during wedding festivities is important for what it all comes down to really, the photos! You want to make memories that will last a lifetime and you don’t want to offset the highlight of your beautiful, blissful, blush worthy ring with an unsightly manicure. Keep in mind that practically every event leading up to your big day, your ring, and nails will be captures in photos. So, to help alleviate some of the mani madness, I have composed a list with a few colors that will make any pre-wedding and bridal events amazing.


Engagement Party

For your engagement party, everyone is going to want to see your ring so the nails too much be on point. Here you can kind of get away with just about any color that expresses who you are, I mean that’s what got him to pop the question in the first place, he loves you for you. Have fun with this mani, make it your own. Don’t forget that you can also jazz up these mani and make them even more blushing by adding designs, glitter, rhinestones and more.



Featured Colors: ESSIE The Perfect Cover Up, ZOYA Kendal, OPI Blue It Out of Proportion, ESSIE Van D’go, OPI Russian Navy, OPI Big Apple Red, Essie Chillanto.


Bridal Shower

For the Bridal Shower we want to keep a tad bit more toned down to highlight your ring more. Don’t worry, we’ll be turning it back up for the Bachelorette Party in just a second. Your Bridal Shower manicure should too be a reflection of you so even with the toned down colors you can still bedazzle and design away to make it your own kind of special.

bridal shower


Featured Colors: CHINA GLAZE Road Trip Wanderlust, CHINA GLAZE My Lodge or Yours, OPI Just Clear Barely There Sparkles, OPI My Favorite Ornament, ESSIE No Baggage Please, ESSIE Haute in the Heat


Bachelorette Party

Time to turn it up some notches. Make your mani as fun as your night will surely be! For your Bachelorette Party be as loud and wild as you want to be with your manicure, this is your night to enjoy with your girlfriends and everything should express that, including the mani.



Featured Colors: CHINA GLAZE Daisy Know My Name, CHINA GLAZE Dune Our Thing, OPI Gelato On My Mind, OPI Ski Teal We Drop, NARS Thakoon Amchoor, ESSIE Lilacism


Wedding Day

The day we’ve all been waiting for, the manicure that means the most, the Wedding Day Mani! Keep it soft, sweet, and elegant. Accompany your lovely wedding dress, perfected makeup and hair do with a manicure that will not take from anything but add to the memorable and blushing night.


Featured Colors: OPI You’re Blushing Again (Infinite Shine), OPI Let Them Eat Rice Cake, ESSIE Hubby for Dessert, OPI Care To Dance, ESSIE Like To Be Bad, OPI Second Honeymoon, BUTTER LONDON Knackered, OPI Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around, CHINA GLAZE Champagne Kisses


We at Blush hope this helps when it comes to your Mani Mania.

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