Our CEO is a…#BOSS


by contributing writing Nia Dillard

Recently, our very own, Tami B., was honored at an award ceremony and advanced screening of The Boss, starring Melissa McCarthy.  Tami and three other area female entrepreneurs were celebrated for their accomplishments for being an amazing #BOSS in the Baltimore/Washington Metropolitan area (read the full #BOSSAWARDS recap)!



Though Tami B. has made such advancements in her career and learned many things along the way, at this screening, there were a few things she took from the movie (besides lots of laughs) that are extremely important to remember, things that all bosses should take note of…



The importance of mentorship.”

In the movie, Michelle Darnell, played by Melissa McCarthy, had a mentor that believed in her from the beginning.  She then became a hilarious and nontraditional mentor to a group of underestimated young ladies.” This quote from Tami B. speaks to two things; one being young ladies and women being underestimated in society today and two, believe in those who come up under you, be the inspiration they need. 

The importance of a business family.”

Someone who believes in your dream, sometimes more than you do. Family isn’t always blood in the #BOSS game.” Just like someone may need you for inspiration and encouragement, even bosses need that inspiration and encouragement as well, a business family provides that.


A real #BOSS is a leader!”

She understands that her success is only a small piece of the pie. It’s about encouraging other women and empowering them to hustle for themselves and their families.” What is success if you do not share the experience? Tami B. sets out to be a leader daily. With Blush, she ensures that she it setting her Blush team up for success. She believes that it’s about being a leader, one who wants to see her team advance to higher levels.


Work with what you are given.”

We all have been given ‘something’ that you should share with those who come in contact with you. Perhaps it’s designing skills or amazing cookies (or brownies in the case of the movie). Use what you have to liberate yourself and help your consumers.” The saying “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” may be cliche but still is true! Capitalize on your talents and gifts.


A set back is not the end game. Do not give up!

There isn’t one boss that I know of that has not first had to face some sort of let down before their success. The key is to not quit, giving up will only leaves you with unseen dreams when they can be your reality with a bit more effort.


“Be a purpose driven #BOSS.”

My purpose for wedding planning goes deeper than the ‘pretty’ of it, although I can’t deny that I love pretty things. My purpose is beyond me – it’s what will keep a #BOSS going!” 




The movie, The Boss, is about a greatly successful businesswoman, Michelle Darnell, played by Melissa McCarthy, who is convicted of inside trading and then sentenced to prison. After her release, she tries to earn her redemption and make a change to her public image by helping a group of young ladies in their efforts to sell brownies. This hilarious film was released April 8th, 2016. Be sure to grab all of your Blushing Bosses and head to the theaters to see this film.

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